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The 'glowing' house in the lower right is us!

Photo of an Aurora above Loch a' Chumhainn

We recognise we are lucky enough to have a home in a beautiful part of Scotland, and with that goes a duty to try to preserve the environment.

With that in mind, we use a variety of Ecological cleaning products in our housekeeping, dishwashing and laundry services. We do use, as far as possible, recycled materials for bathroom tissue and other consumables, and encourage our guests to use the recycling facilities on site for waste paper, cans, plastic and bottles.

We support ‘green’ suppliers for our utilities services. Please feel free to discuss any of the above with us, as we do welcome suggestions and feedback !

Thank You.

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Photo of group of deer


In almost every 'Where to see wildlife' list, Mull is highly recommended both for the opportunities to spot wildlife and also for the variety of species that can be seen on land and in the surrounding waters.

Black and White Photo of a red deer calf

The species visitors regularly see include Golden and White Tail eagles, otters, seals, dolphins, minke whales, basking sharks, puffins and deer.

Photo of a puffin

You'll find links to some wildlife tour operators on the links page.